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Role of SEO in digital marketing

We live in the age of competition and challenges. In every sphere of life we could able find a tough race for reaching the top position. This is quite true and clearly seen when it comes to online marketing through the World Wide Web. Most of the online marketers try their efforts in order to get the top slot in the search engine results like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting the top ranking simply means getting more prospects into the business as online visitors never have patience to look more than few pages while making their Google search from their home or office computers. Websites can attract more traffic by using many free SEO tools in order to beat the online competition. This objective is greatly achieved by various factors used in the websites like specific keywords, quality of the contents, attractive images and so forth. The well known seo denver assists in the processes of getting the ranking of these selected websites. In order to full fill this main objective there are many Free SEO Tools are made available to the web masters from popular websites like Google and Yahoo. If properly used these tools carry many objectives such as page ranks and even the web analytics. Here, the role of the seo experts seems to be very vital for smooth operations.

Use the appropriate tools

For the benefit of the readers few of the Free SEO Tools as suggested by seo experts are discussed as there are over hundred types of such tools are available for various purposes which can be used for different applications like mobile phone apps, tablet apps and so on. Google always aims to offer various applications to its ever happy fans from all parts of the world. The Google Webmaster Tools is just one of such free offer from the giant Google, which is considered to the leading Search Engine Optimization website available to the mankind. Its market share makes the second best to be very far away in the World Wide Web.

These account required website from Google offer the detailed information about the visibility of the website in Google. This is considered to be a great tool for the webmasters to know the status of their websites in the Google search. This tool is also useful in detecting malware as well as the access speed of a particular website. SEO toolbar is yet another tool for the webmasters which saves time in expediting everyday procedures. The feature like auto filler, tool bar extensions are well provided by this special tool which are pretty useful when the concerned websites are inserted into various directories, so that the boxes are filled up automatically which saves enough time for the webmasters.

4 SEO Trends That We Expect To See in 2018

SEO is a dynamic zone where new strategies fast replace the dated ones. Sometimes, it also means accommodating advanced policies alongside old yet still relevant ones.  If mobile optimization of websites was the norm for this year, the coming year might introduce further advancements to the same trend. With winter knocking at the door, the next year is not far behind. SEO gurus have already started predicting the defining trends for 2018.

Let’s have a sneak peel below.

Incorporation of AMP in web pages

Mobile optimization of websites is nothing new but the coming year will be taking the trend a notch further. Yes, 2018 is geared to see the introduction of AMP in SEO Malta site web pages to make them faster than ever for super-speed browsing. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and the technology claims to load a web page a whooping 4 x faster compared to regular pages. The whole idea is to make the mobile browsing even more convenient for the “smart” niche which govern the digital world today.

AMP incorporation is directly linked to increased customer satisfaction which will immediately translate to more number of conversions and higher ranks on search engines.

Local search optimization to gain importance

Local SEO has proved to be “the” SEO strategy in recent times for businesses targeting the local niche. In the last 1 year, searches for “near me” have doubled up which only beckons the increasing trend of local search engine optimization. As per the stats, there had been 40% increase in local based beverage and food mobile searches in last year.

Increased focus on voice search

Voice search is about to gain prominence in the coming year big time. It always takes less time to leave a voice command than to type down the whole thing on the search engine. It’s a busy world today where online users generally prefer a time-efficient route and voice search wins here hands down.

In fact, the trend of voice search is catching on so fast that by 2021 50% of online searches would be dominated by speech recognition.

However, increasing prominence of voice-based search would also mean modification of keywords to match up with the conversational tone of speech search. For example, instead of just “Valletta restaurants” the keyword would be “Where would be a nice place to dine in Valletta?”.

More stress on visual-rich interactive content

Content is the king for any SEO campaign. But the coming year is all about something more than plain text content. The stress is especially on incorporation of visual elements to make the piece even more attractive as well as easier and faster to consume. Thus, added to textual paragraphs, we are also going to witness generous presence of infographics, videos and images in SEO contents.

Scegli il miglior consulente Google Adwords

La scelta di un consulente Google Adwords è una fase particolarmente delicata perché chi sceglie deve trasferire il proprio denaro/investimento nelle mani di un perfetto sconosciuto.

In questo breve articolo ti consiglierò quali parametri considerare per la scelta del tuo consulente Google Adwords.

  1. Certificazione Google partner

La certificazione Google Adwords è un attestato che google rilascia ai propri studenti dopo il superamento di due dei sei esami messi a disposizione da Google.

ottieni la certificazione quando superi l’esame sui principi base di Google Adwords e l’esame sulla ricerca avanzata oppure sulla Rete Display (a tuo piacimento).

L’esame è difficile perché è composto da 100 domande a risposta multipla (4  possibili risposte)  per una durata di 120 minuti. Durante l’esame non potrai saltare le domande per cui sarai costretto ad una risposta celere.

Chi detiene una certificazione Google Adwords è sicuramente una persona che ha studiato  ed è competente in materia. Sicuramente non dovrete considerare solamente questo aspetto perché la scelta di un ottimo consulente Google Adwords dovrà essere basata indubbiamente sulle sue precedenti attività nella creazione di campagne AdWords.

L’esame di certificazione Google partner infatti ti dà delle nozioni teoriche indispensabili per poter lavorare come SEM Specialist,  ma il fattore più importante che determinerà la tua scelta sarà a mio avviso l’esperienza pregressa nel settore.

  1. Esperienza di settore

Ti dovrei chiedere: ha mai realizzato una campagna Google Adwords? che tipo di campagna Google Adwords ha realizzato in passato? ha lavorato alla realizzazione di campagne Google AdWords per e-commerce?  che tipi di campagne Google Adwords ha strutturato?

CPA?  Shopping?  CPC?

Sono tutte domande che dovrete porre al vostro consulente AdWords.

solitamente un ottimo consulente Google Adwords chiederà due importi:
– realizzazione e strutturazione della campagna AdWords

– budget di investimento.

per quanto riguarda quest’ultimo sarà sicuramente un investimento che andrete a fare molto oneroso ( lo sappiamo tutti che Google Adwords a prezzi molto alti),  ma se sceglierete un buon consulente AdWords potrete riuscire ad ottenere un ROI positivo e dunque rientrare dell’investimento iniziale.

Calcolo del ROI

Il calcolo del ROI ( ritorno sull’investimento)  deve essere un parametro calcolabile da parte del vostro consulente. Qualora egli non riuscisse a calcolare un ritorno sull’investimento diffidate dalla scelta.

Mi raccomando però non chiedete il calcolo del ROI a un consulente Google prima di avere iniziato una campagna,  perché è evidente che non potrà mai darti una risposta.

Sapete perché? un consulente Google Adwords non è mago Merlino, non riesce a calcolare un ritorno sull’investimento ancor prima di aver fatto partire una campagna Google Adwords e verificato il numero di conversioni per un determinato periodo ho tempo prova.

Diffidate dunque da tutti quei consulenti che vi diranno che il vostro ritorno economico sarà del 20 del 30 o del 40% perché non è così.

Una campagna Google Adwords è determinata da molteplici fattori: il vostro prodotto può piacere o non piacere, la pagina di destinazione su cui atterra l’utente finale può non piacere ed  essere confusionaria determinando cosi  una percentuale di rimbalzo molto alta ( in parole povere l’utente entra dentro la pagina facendo di consumare budget perché clicca sull’annuncio e poi esce).

Da tutti questi fattori si evince che la determinazione del ROI può essere calcolata solamente durante un periodo prova che stabilirà il consulente AdWords a seconda del settore o del prodotto che andrete ad immettere sul mercato.


Spero di essere stato d’aiuto a tutti coloro che hanno intenzione di scegliere un buon consulente Google Adwords e nel caso in cui  decidiate di scegliere me ne sarei onorato.

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How to Find Good SEO Marketing Companies

Search engine optimization is an essential element of your site if you want a large number users to discover your website. The different advertising techniques can expand the exposure of your site, but you have to keep discover new places to advertise in order to stabilize or rise your traffic. SEO can greatly contribute to the traffic if you know how to begin. While the results take a bit longer than customary advertising techniques, you will notice huge advantages.

If you don’t have time to learn SEO or you want the SEO results instantly then you should look for talented in seo singapore to help you. A single SEO marketing company ought to be enough to help you fully but you must still look out multiple SEO marketing organization so you can limit your choice down to a very talented company. Here are a few tips on discovering these good SEO marketing organizations.

Forum Communities

There are many forums that rotate around the theme of online marketing so you can be sure to discover expert in seo singapore here. You can always ask the community for any good SEO marketing agency. Forum communities are best resource to know this because highly active members get a chance to participate. You can trust in these forum members because forum moderators are on the search for any members that hope to scam or fool others.

Since there are lots of these sorts of forums, you can join as different forums as you like to gather many search engine marketing companies. You might even discover members that manage these companies so they can ask you more about their companies.

Freelance Sites

Freelance websites are incredible places for freelancers to create money and find clients. On the other end, these sites also make it easier for people to discover professional services and that includes SEO. Since SEO services can be quite competitive, SEO companies will try to promote their services to these freelance websites.

So all you should to do is visit these websites and search at the different companies. Various freelance websites allow others to provide feedback to the company which is so helpful if you discover yourself selecting among-st a group of attractive companies. If the SEO company has many positive feedback, you can select that company with confidence.

You may be wondering if using a search engine is a good suggestion to discover SEO marketing companies. While you can discover a good number of SEO companies, you have to remember that these companies are most likely using SEO to make their companies more noticeable. This isn’t sufficient to determine if an SEO company is better than another. Thus, you can use the search engine to discover some companies so you can do background research later on. Overall, it is best to stick with forum communities and freelance websites as you can discover a lot of good companies. seo Hamilton