4 SEO Trends That We Expect To See in 2018

SEO is a dynamic zone where new strategies fast replace the dated ones. Sometimes, it also means accommodating advanced policies alongside old yet still relevant ones.  If mobile optimization of websites was the norm for this year, the coming year might introduce further advancements to the same trend. With winter knocking at the door, the next year is not far behind. SEO gurus have already started predicting the defining trends for 2018.

Let’s have a sneak peel below.

Incorporation of AMP in web pages

Mobile optimization of websites is nothing new but the coming year will be taking the trend a notch further. Yes, 2018 is geared to see the introduction of AMP in SEO Malta site web pages to make them faster than ever for super-speed browsing. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and the technology claims to load a web page a whooping 4 x faster compared to regular pages. The whole idea is to make the mobile browsing even more convenient for the “smart” niche which govern the digital world today.

AMP incorporation is directly linked to increased customer satisfaction which will immediately translate to more number of conversions and higher ranks on search engines.

Local search optimization to gain importance

Local SEO has proved to be “the” SEO strategy in recent times for businesses targeting the local niche. In the last 1 year, searches for “near me” have doubled up which only beckons the increasing trend of local search engine optimization. As per the stats, there had been 40% increase in local based beverage and food mobile searches in last year.

Increased focus on voice search

Voice search is about to gain prominence in the coming year big time. It always takes less time to leave a voice command than to type down the whole thing on the search engine. It’s a busy world today where online users generally prefer a time-efficient route and voice search wins here hands down.

In fact, the trend of voice search is catching on so fast that by 2021 50% of online searches would be dominated by speech recognition.

However, increasing prominence of voice-based search would also mean modification of keywords to match up with the conversational tone of speech search. For example, instead of just “Valletta restaurants” the keyword would be “Where would be a nice place to dine in Valletta?”.

More stress on visual-rich interactive content

Content is the king for any SEO campaign. But the coming year is all about something more than plain text content. The stress is especially on incorporation of visual elements to make the piece even more attractive as well as easier and faster to consume. Thus, added to textual paragraphs, we are also going to witness generous presence of infographics, videos and images in SEO contents.

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